Entry #1


2015-07-10 20:59:43 by GeoExe



Hi Newgrounds!
Hi everyone!

My name is Geo and I this is my first introduction to Newgrounds. I would just like to say hi to you all and present you my newest cartoon about Splatoon that i just raleased yesterday. 

You may know my work from "THE JAM CAVE" as well, where i collaborate with others talented artists such as TwistedGrim, SamGreenMedia, HBruna, Rockaranzen and Jonathan Jones.


I really like the idea of becoming a part of this community so i'll make sure to post my videos in here as well as my Youtube channel (which by the way, it would be awesome if you could check it and subscribe)

5116269_143657637561_avt.png   https://www.youtube.com/c/geoexeofficial

That's all for now. I have a bunch of cartoons and deas ready to go so i'll be uploading a new one probably next week! 

See ya! /=>



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2015-07-10 21:15:58

Keep it up, amigo! Your work is really loveable, if you're ever looking for an extra VA don't be afraid to get a hold of me! Looking forward to your next piece.


2015-07-10 21:22:24

Glad to see you here Geo!


2015-07-11 01:09:38

Welcome to the community! Awesome short!


2015-07-11 10:57:36

Awesome stuff, so far! Keep it up! Like SirUndead said, if you're ever looking for some VAs, feel free to shoot me a message. ^^ Can't wait to see what you do next.


2015-07-11 15:17:49

Welcome to Newgrounds!
You're a great animator and I can't wait to see what you have next!
Nice work man.


2015-07-11 21:20:07

Hai! :P


2015-07-20 03:45:06

Splaturry was really fun to watch, liked the style it was animated in.


2015-12-10 03:19:09

Oh hai. Welcome!